Jessica Navarro is a 20-something creative and outspoken soul who loves the stage and spotlight as much as she loves being under the city lights, fireworks and sky lanterns in the sky.

Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering, Jec is currently employed in an engineering company (of course) as a Sales Engineer and doing the side-hustles to keep the ball rolling.

“She has the best of both worlds”

Despite the fact that she is a loud and proud Engineer, math geek and thinks will full technicalities about some things, let’s talk about this girl’s ‘other side’ which you will witness on this blog.

Singer and Performer

As a lover of music, Jessica enjoys indulging in every beat of music as she let her voice be heard. She is a self-proclaimed ROCKSTAR in her college days enabling her to perform in various events and occasions as well as school Battle of the Bands and other singing contests.


A soldier of words left unsaid, she also enjoys using her experiences and misfortunes as a splattered work of art which you will find in here. Known to be relatable and trigger her friend’s emotions, she also managed to write some awkward prose generated on her way home or when #boredomstrikes. She also used to write short stories unpublished and hidden in her own version of ‘Burn Book’.


Despite her odd talent to create an abstract artwork, she also loves playing with colors, on faces. A self-thought make-up artist who gained her skills by endlessly watching youtube videos and tutorials, you can rely on her newly discovered on ‘unexpected times’. LOL


She lives by the phrase ‘Pag hindi ka marunong magluto, hindi ka kakain’. LOL. Her love for food is awesome that sometimes she always happen to make her own versions of your typical Spagetti and Carbonara and your deliciously seasoned breakfast meals. Though she doesn;t have a sweet tooth, she loves baking pastries and cakes for her friends and family.

Bonus: Her friends also thinks she is a comedienne.


Join her as she share her chaotic life  filled with colourful adventures and, misadventures.

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