iPhone Apps on My Current Favorites List

              Going back to the college days when I was longing for an iPhone, for one specific reason: take a great selfie of myself, funny right but yea that’s true (shame). I don’t know about you but I just really loved the camera alongside its great features.  I have to admit that I always borrow my friend Ghie’s iPhone only to bombard it with my shameless selfies. So I told myself when I got a job, I will buy one out of my own salary, can’t ask dad for it since he just bought a good Android smartphone for me. So after working my ass of I finally got a cute iPhone 5s for myself (achievement unlocked, though) which is enough since I still have my ever reliable sidekick Asus Zenfone 5 handy.

               Time out for the introduction, I want to share to you guys my most loved iPhone apps and games:

 Plant Nanny

            I got the idea from a blogger who did her own What’s in my iPhone and when I checked this in App Store, I immediately downloaded it because let’s admit it looking at the screenshot above the graphics is so cute *giggles*. It’s not just an application, on the introduction you have to fill out body information which will indicate how much water you should take in a day. It also helps you to track how many glasses (or liters) of water you should drink the whole day. It encourages you to drink 1 glass of water as you water the plant. So you’ll be more responsible of your water intake plus you keep on track how many glasses you consume. As of this moment I already have 8 full grown plants and still being a nanny to my cute little “Rosie”. Fun and healthy app right?

Robbery Bob 2

            I was never a fan of putting games in my phone. Usually it only takes me 3 days playing a game only to bore myself out of waiting for it to generate coin/regain energy, but this game doesn’t need such booboos.  Came from the name itself, this game is about Bob who works for random people to help them steal something. Yea, stealing is bad but hey, this game offers real suspense.  Try and see for yourself, you just need a lot of patience so you won’t be annoyed by the guards. Guilty find myself really hooked up and it occupies my vacant time instead of being productive (shame on me, not on Bob).


              I’m used to the conventional pre-installed Notes app of iPhone before because it is simple and functional but when I discovered this app this just made taking notes and reminders experience better. Aside from having a Notebook where you can consolidate the ideas, you have so many options to use that compliments your need for a specific reminder. The exciting part is you can take a snapshot then save it to your specific notebook. *I’m the guilty lazy college student on taking notes so if only I knew this app exist before it will make taking notes easy, hehe*. You can also record an audio, make a checklist, and create a reminder/ notification. It also has this Work Chat feature that allows you to share notes to fellow Evernote users, which I honestly haven’t tried before so I can’t tell you more about that.


               Gone are the boring moments when I downloaded this now popular app. I downloaded it though I have no idea how to use it or how it works but when my friend taught me how to use the filters – yes, I don’t know how to make that appear before until after several attempts and failure, I finally knew how cute I am being a dog (kudos Snapchat filter). So whenever I’m bored, it is my all time savior, especially when there is a new filter to try. The fairy filter alongside with the doggie filter (who reminds me of Scooby-doo) will always be my favorite.


               Who else here won’t love this app? VSCO makes raw pictures really gorgeous, just apply the best preset or do some tweeks on settings and your picture is good to go.


                Alongside with VSCO Cam is Snapseed which makes the photo-editing gaming easy-breezy and exciting. I just love the way it works wonders on my photos because of its Tune Image Option and other options to choose from. What I love about this app is the Selective option which lets you adjust brightness, saturation and contrast in a certain point in a photo. Sure, after mastering the basics your raw pictures will always be good to go to that #feedgoals.

Giant Square

                I once wondered how did celebrities like Nadine Lustre and Sofia Andres sliced that gorgeous photo of them to fit it exactly on their Instagram feeds. Thank goodness I discovered this app. So for those of you who are still wondering about it, try this!


                 Ever since my personal laptop broke down after 6 years of good relationship (this laptop I am using now is provided by the company), I always borrow my sisters laptop whenever she is not using it. Hassle both in our parts so this app helped me to put words in a picture. Not to mention that cute fonts offered free *wink*

So that’s all of my current favorite iPhone apps aside from my ever loved Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. Now, I would really love it if you will share the iPhone apps on your favorites list on the comments section below so I can add another addiction app on my iPhone!

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