Sunday Currently Vol. 1

Of course this should be published on Sundays, but something came up and I’ve had  a terrible internet connection at home. So pardon me and let me share my very first Sunday Currently.



Thinking about doing side-hustles to fund my Passion Project.


If you are someone who wants massive change and be inspired to do the side-hustle (which is my thing at this moment) then I recommend this blog of Ms. Arriane Serafico. I’ve subscribed on her newsletter as well as e-courses The best part is most e-books and tools are FREE! I’ve been having some trouble about life lately because you know, quarter life crisis hits and her teaching and strategy real moved me. Like yes.


Currently addicted to The Chainsmokers, especially their single Roses. I know it’s been a year since the release, but please don’t judge. *say you’ll never let me go*


Writing the plans for my #Bravergoals, of course I got the inspiration from Arriane.


Excited and energized because now I know there’s another resort for me to be able to escape from this dreadful day job.


Mom told be about a good news about some improvements on the real estate business. I won’t share the details but I am wishing the results will be positive.


Shakey’s Carbonara and Mojo’s. Please throw some. Please.


I’ve been working on a post about a beach resort in Quezon where we’ve spent our weekend because 1) company outing and everything is free and 2) I want to start a travel section here in Hey Summer!