On Why I am not (and will never be) a Fan of Zoo


If I will be given a chance, I will volunteer for PAWS or PETA, or if I am richer I will try to establish an animal shelter. Since I was a child, I really love cuddling dogs and cats, even listening to the chirping of birds and staring oddly at the janitor fish. I also love watching animal planet, movies about animals, videos and pictures in the wild life and the deep. An animal lover indeed, it is such a pain inside for me to see them being mistreated and die without integrity.

I hate animal abuse, and this are the reasons why I am not really fascinated by the existence of zoos.

  1. Animals are captured and being deprived of everything. They can’t do the “living the life to the fullest”, of course.
  2. Zoos are not their natural habitat. They don’t have their privacy. Imagine being imprisoned in a room without nothing to do, eating a little amount of food which is not enough to sustain your daily needs, and being unable to see the world. Isn’t it tragic? Imagine yourself on their situation. Animals, especially the wild ones, have necessities that only the wild life can provide. Some needs to run miles away, explore their homes, or even play on the green green grass, climb the trees, swim on the depths of ocean and soar across the sky.
  3. I know some of them are starved.
  4. The painful truth about animal cruelty. Sometimes humans act like beasts. Zookeeper never really take gentle care of these precious souls, sometimes they are the ones who abuse them
  5. Talking about abuse, I know that animals who knows few number of tricks somehow suffered too much. Before they’ve learned to be a performer in some zoos, I bet there is a horrible behind the scenes. Imagine being forced to do something funny or humiliating just to impress the crowd. I’m not saying everyone of them is cruel, I mean, SOME. The hell.
  6. The old ones must go. Sometimes the zoo management decides to return them to wild, in the last days of their lives. Should we thank them? Somehow yes, because they gave them freedom on their last days. But NO, because they should never been in that zoo in the first place.

This is just the short list of why I never and will never go to zoos. If I want to see them, maybe I’ll just save enough money to have an adventure wherein I can see them from afar through my binoculars, in their natural habitats, undisturbed, living the lifethey should have. It’s gonna be expensive, yes. But these animals are God’s greatest creation, and they are worth it.