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The Happy Things Vol. 1


Hi. This is the first time that I will be including The Happy Things in my blog. Basically, these are the things that made me happy and greatful in a week. Have a great time reading!

This week has been such a rollercoaster ride but here are the things that made be happy.

  1. It’s our 1st Anniversary! A year full of love and silly moments with the love of my life, Albert.
  2. He gave me a ring as an anniversary gift plus a love letter.
  3. We had our dinner at The Cabin Burger at San Pedro, Laguna with their famous BYOB: Build Your Own Burger. The place is good but I was expecting a great interior design but there is none. But their deliciously tasting burger and a blue lemonade is the bomb. Plus the sweet background music of acoustic version by a girl (I have no idea who it is I forgot to ask) of pop songs.
  4. Greta gave birth to 5 cutie pa-tootie kitties. 17 cat’s in the house. I know, but we are cat lovers.
  5. My lunch for the whole week was cooked by Mama. I love it when I don’t need to buy food from the cafeteria because you know everything cooked by our moms is full of love.
  6. Albert’s mom finally agreed to support Albert on his training for CCNA exam.
  7. I finally decided to enroll in a Fashion Media short course at SoFA Design Institute.
  8. I’ve made a polvoron.
  9. Already tasted Santino’s pizza, it’s good btw.
  10. A life to be thankful for and a family close together.


How about you? What are things that made you happy?