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4 Mind-sets to Live By

I was in the middle of collecting my old school stuff and I was trying to put them in a box so that I can give space to my new things. During my sorting kind of thing, I stumbled to a piece of paper that came from my supervisor during my OJT way back in college. Honestly, he is one of the best teacher and most inspiring person I’ve ever met. On my last day, he arranged a farewell conversation with me and my co-OJT and we proceed to the small meeting room. I can still recall the moment he gave us these wonderful life saving advice maybe can help us to be a better individual. And I want to share it to you too.


In a world full of stars, why not be a shooting star? This sought after shooting star in a peaceful night sky tends to be the symbol of hope and brings delight to every eye that catches it. Remember when you were a child, you were told to make a wish whenever you see one. And when you wish, you fill your heart with hope and positive things. Be the star who soars and travels along the universe and take a glimpse of spectacular things. Don’t be just a steady star, soar.


We are filled with so much things to do in a single day. Try to put extra effort on it. Be it a passion, a job, or a simple project or assignment given. Raise the bar and stand out from the crowd. Be the one who promotes improvement and innovation and never be contented with the “good enough”. You and the people that surrounds you will eventually benefit. You tend to discover your hidden capabilities which may bring out the best in you; and others will discover theirs.


Life is like roller coaster. One day, you’re in sky high achieving your precious goals and by just a snap, you encounter too much problems which is normal because hey, were humans ayt? This may be considered as old saying live by but mind you, you should always put this in mind. If life seemed to be very unfair and the situations are out of your control and things are not going according to your plans, relax and take a deep breath. Problems are meant to be solved. Consider these difficulties as an opportunity to grow and to be brave. Who knows, facing the life’s difficulty may take yourself to the next level. Sooner or later, these problems will be just a dust on your shoulders that you will brush. Take all the lemons and make a lemonade.


Always seek guidance from up above. He is the only one who knows what we truly deserve. Pray, ask for forgiveness, thank him for the blessings. Let Him drive your life and be kind to others.B

So go on beautiful soul, live a wonderful life full of hopes and dreams.I would like to thank Sir Mars for these wonderful advices.