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8 Things to Remember for a Positive Life


In this very busy world, days pass by very quickly. In just one day, so many things can happen- at school, at work, at home, or even along the road. We meet different people and we part ways with some. We experience happiness, heartaches and worries along our journey, and this by all means gives lessons that only life can teach. Some days seemed to be gloomy which makes us frown. I myself knows the struggle, but I’m starting to see things differently. Let me share you the things that I always try to remember for a positive life.

  1. Always smile. A smile a day keeps the negativity away. Smile a lot, smile to that girl on your local bus, smile to that vendor, smile to that stranger. A smile can change everything. A smile is like a sunshine than can lighten up everything. Try, and see for yourself.
  2. Don’t rush things. Sure, you feel like you are one step behind from that timeline you’ve created when you were still a teenager. But hey, life is good. Stop being so hard to yourself. Just kick your ass and do what your heart really wants and I’m sure, all things will fall into its proper place. And you’ll realize that everything will be okay, one step at a time.
  3. Believe in your own capabilities. Everyone of us posses a unique talent, which was sometimes hidden. Have a brave heart.  Explore, get out of your comfort zone. Get lost and find yourself. Soon, you will discover that you can do this and do that. Who knows, you will find out something in yourself that will bring out the best in you. All you need is a brave heart.
  4. Be with the people who brings out the best in you. Be with those friends who loves to be with you and who always tick that message alert tone of your messenger just to invite you over a cup of coffee for a simple conversation. They are the ones that really cares and wants to stay in your life. Cut the strings with people who belittles you. The world is beautifully complicated, you don’t need such negativity in your life.
  5. Less talk, less mistake. This is self-explanatory and is damn true. Before blurting out such words, keep in mind that once a word was said, you can never take it back. Think before you speak, think before you click.
  6. Learn to forgive and move on. You know those people who hurt you and for once in your life managed to break you into pieces? Forgive them, even though they don’t ask for forgiveness.Forgiveness is therapeutic to the soul. Move on from the mistakes and sorrow from the past. And most important, forgive yourself for all your failures and flaws. Promise, you’ll thank yourself in the end.
  7. Don’t put everything in social media. Limit the information you pour out in social media. People are watching you and you can’t please everybody. A number of people might agree with you but some will misunderstood your words, which in the worst case scenario, use it against you. Some people may use these information for their own benefit. Not everything must be put on public, remember that.
  8. Follow your heart. There is nothing more special than doing things you’re most passionate about. Be on a place that makes you feel extraordinary. Do what makes your heart sing. Do it. Its never too late.

These are just the things that I’ve realized, and I know for sure as I continue the journey, I will learn new things that I’m sure will be a part of this list.

Now, let me know yours. I’ll be happy to listen.