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A note to the 17 year old Jessica

Hello. Its me, the 22 year old Jessica. I wrote to you because I missed you so much. Honestly, you are the one that I really miss. You’re the toughest and you are the most talented. You are the most fit, of course because you were very conscious.

First of all I want you to know that I am okay. And yes, you’re right, I will g o back to writing again, here I am now. Upon stumbling on this very inspiring blog, I knew I need to do this.. And even though I’ve changed a lot, writing is still the best escape for me, aside from music.

I am in a relationship now with the boy that you met from your previous college, whom you considered as a good friend. Yes, that one who caught your attention during you NSTP class, because you find him very arrogant (but cute). He is very nice. Mom and Stef loves him, and Dad accepted him- at least after one year. I am very well taken care of.

I am an engineer now, *high five* because we made it until the last tears. Ha! But unfortunately, I didn’t make it to glitz and glamour – which is what you’ve always wanted ever since. I am currently employed and this is my second job already. I think I’m in the wrong place, and I am not happy with my career now. I am planning to have a career shift and go back to school. And I hope I will find my peace.

I want you to know that I am working on things right now so that maybe, just maybe, things will fall as how you want it to be.